Chatham-Kent Legal Clinic


What Is Tenant Duty Counsel?

Tenant Duty Counsel (TDC) are staff lawyers or paralegals who attend the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) hearings in Chatham. The LTB usually holds hearings at the Wish Centre (located at 177 King Street East) every other Thursday beginning at 10:00 am. Tenants should arrive at 9:30 am

TDC offer free legal advice to tenants who are heading into the hearing. TDC might be involved in providing brief advice, negotiation, or attending at mediation with the tenant. TDC may also assist the tenants by speaking on their behalf at the hearing in appropriate cases.

The TDC program, supported by the Advocacy Centre for Tenants in Ontario, is separate from the Landlord and Tenant Board and is not affiliated with it.

How Does Tenant Duty Counsel Work?

If a tenant is interested in receiving advice at the hearing, they should inform the Board Member who is presiding that they wish to speak to TDC and to not proceed with their case until they have had an opportunity to discuss matters with TDC.

TDC generally review the case with the tenant and then, depending on the circumstances, may approach the landlord to see if something can be worked out. Based on discussions with the landlord, the TDC may do a number of things including offering advice, encouraging the tenant to seek an adjournment, or drafting minutes of settlement.